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Ten Thousand Ripples

Ten Thousand Ripples (TTR) is a multi-platform public arts project, undertaken as a collaboration between artist Indira Freitas Johnson and Changing Worlds. The goal of TTR is to provide the general community with an intense and meaningful public art experience outside of traditional art venues and in doing so act as a catalyst for community conversations and interactions about peace and nonviolence. The emerging Buddha sculptures can be seen all over Chicago in parks, public plazas, alleys, libraries, building lobbies, and abandoned lots. To learn more About Indira Freitas Johnson visit her website at

The Ten Thousand Ripples: Public Art, Peace and Civic Engagement booklet documents the process and impact of this citywide community project. Download the full booklet which includes essays by:
Pam Ambrose, Director of Cultural Affairs, Loyola University Museum of Art
Tricia Van Eck, Former curator, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art
Mark Rodriguez, Former Executive Director, Changing Worlds
Indira Freitas Johnson, Lead Artist
Lise McKean, Social anthropologist and writer

Art, Peace, & Civic Engagement Activity Guide

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If you are interested in purchasing a Buddha sculpture and to promote peace and act as a catalyst for community conversations on peace, please contact

Community engagement facilitators available for community conversations as part of your purchase for an additional fee.  Proceeds from purchases help support art, culture and literacy programs for youth.

Small Buddha: approximately 8.5”x 8.5”x 8.5” Weight: approximately 5lbs. Price: $500

Large Buddha is 28.5”x 28.5”x 28.5” Weight: approximately 15lbs. Price: $2,000


"A catalytic symbol can direct thought, prompt associations, and alter perceptions." 

- Indira Johnson, Artist