What a Night!
2019's Annual Benefit, Creating Art for Peace was a HUGE success!

Together We Raised over $100,000 to Support Youth Art and Culture Programs.

So how did we do? We would like to hear from you about your experiece at the event. 
If you attended, please take 3 minutes to answer a few questions about your experience. 
We would love to know what you enjoyed and how we can improve the experience for our guests.


Changing Worlds exists to foster inclusive communities through oral history, writing and art programs that improve student learning, affirm identity and enhance cross-cultural understanding.



Changing Worlds began in 1996 at Hibbard Elementary School located in the diverse Albany Park neighborhood. Striving to build bridges across cultures through story and arts, we partnered with school staff and parents to create an oral history and photography exhibit.

The project led to the development of an activity guide with ongoing family programs and classroom curricula that foster an inclusive school community. In 1999, a traveling version of the exhibit was created to share these family stories with other communities, giving a face to those too often seen through the filters of stereotypes. Building upon the enthusiasm and success at Hibbard, the Changing Worlds project became an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2000.

In 2011, the Shanti Foundation for Peace became a part of Changing Worlds. The Shanti Foundation for Peace adds over 15 years of experience implementing arts-based peace and non-violence programs in Evanston and Chicago. As a result of the merger, Changing Worlds expanded its programs, geographic reach and enhanced its core values to include peace building and non-violence methodologies. 

Our Founder

Kay Berkson is a documentary photographer who has photographed in Chicago communities for decades. In the 1980's, she became active in human rights work with Central American refugees who sought political asylum in the U.S. Her involvement with refugees who wanted to tell their stories led to her interest in oral history and to the idea for the Changing Worlds photography and oral history project.

She began the project in 1996 in collaboration with Hibbard Elementary School in Chicago's diverse Albany Park neighborhood. She coordinated its expansion into the nonprofit organization in 2000 and for many years managed its traveling exhibits and conducted its outreach programs for children and adults in numerous Chicago and suburban communities. 

Kay holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Chicago. She worked with families of young children with special needs and consulted to day care centers before returning to school to study photography at Columbia College Chicago.  


Our Values:


Building inclusive and empathetic communities where people of all cultures, points of view, beliefs and difference are respected and valued.


Advancing creative, reflective and strategic approaches in developing solutions to programmatic and organizational cultures.


Activating the voices and potential of all people in our practices and programs.


Maintaining transparency and ethical practices in all aspects of Changing Worlds.


Fostering a culture where learning is cultivated, supported and affirmed.


Diversity Statement

The mission of Changing Worlds is to foster inclusive communities through oral history, writing and art programs that improve student learning, affirm identity and enhance cross-cultural understanding.

We maintain that achieving diversity requires an enduring commitment to inclusion that must find full expression in our organizational culture, values, norms and behaviors. Throughout our work, we will support diversity in all of its forms, encompassing but not limited to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age disability, marital status, veteran status, gender, gender identity/expression, citizenship, health status, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

Leading by example we aspire to make diversity a core and abiding strength of the organization.


Changing Worlds recognizes that its effectiveness will be enhanced and its mission well served when the practice of diversity is reflected in all aspects of the organization, and specifically when:

Board Membership

The Governance Board reflects the rich diversity of the Chicago metropolitan area.


Changing Worlds shares its commitment to diversity as a value and a practice with its current and potential donors and it encourages donors to consider and embrace these values.


The staff Changing Worlds reflects the communities of metropolitan Chicago. Staffing at every level of the organization should reflect the diversity of the metropolitan region.


Changing Worlds vendor community demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion as a practice. This commitment is reflected in governance practices, hiring practices and organizational philosophy. Preference is given to vendors with a proven record of this commitment to diversity.


Annual Reports