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Annual Gala 

Thank you for your incredible support and attendance at this years annual gala. 

Photography by: Ellen Schor

Upcoming Events

2018 Annual Benefit

May 16, 2018

Chicago History Museum

1601 North Clark Street


Stay Tuned for Details


Founder Kay Berkson
Launches Archive Project

Coming soon, we will be hosting a historic event to showcase the archive project and take people on a journey through the past 20 years. We are awaiting confirmation on the location where the precious archives will be housed and will announce this soon. For the event we will reach out to the Changing Worlds alumni including students, staff, Board members, volunteers and supporters and also engage our current and new supporters. The dedication everyone has expressed towards the development of our programs is unparalleled, and we are excited to celebrate all of our accomplishments. Stay tuned for more details! 







"We opened ourselves up to each other."