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Now, you can place a Buddha sculpture in your home garden or favorite gathering place to instill a feeling of calm and peacefulness.
Each donation or purchase of a Buddha Sculpture helps to engage Chicago area artists and communities in nonviolence and arts programming.

Note:  Each Buddha Sculpture is a custom order.  Please allow 15 business days for shipping or delivery. We will contact you directly in regards to shipping or delivery procedures and additional fees, based on your location. 

Changing Worlds is the lead organization for Ten Thousand Ripples. The project aims to leverage public art as a springboard to build responses and solutions to vital social concerns and to improve neighborhoods. To learn more, visit the Ten Thousand Ripples website.
Changing Worlds is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Money donated to Changing Worlds is professionally managed and tax deductible to the full extent of the law. For more information, contact 312-421-8040. 

Buddha Sculpture, Large

Dimensions:  Height 27", Width 26", Depth 25"



Buddha Sculpture, Small

 Dimensions:  Height 8 1/2", Width 6 3/4", Depth 9 1/2"


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